6 Foods That Can Increase Your daily Calcium Intake

We are all aware that milk is one of the finest sources of calcium. Since milk is readily digestible and absorbable, it is always available. 


These minuscule, calcium-rich nutritional powerhouses include celery, chia seeds, and poppy seeds. Additionally, it is rich in proteins and essential fatty acids, which promote bone health and overall well-being.


Yogurt and all other dairy products are excellent sources of calcium. In addition to being an excellent source of fiber, low-fat yogurt contains 245 grams of calcium per cup.


Proteins, calcium, fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants are all abundant in almonds. They support heart health, aid in bone strengthening, and enhance memory function.


Tofu is cholesterol-free and naturally devoid of gluten. A half-cup of raw, firm tofu fortified with calcium contains 861 mg of calcium.


Both raw and dried figs are rich in calcium and fiber, as well as proteins and antioxidants. Each cup of desiccated figs in this dessert-like fruit contains 242 mg of calcium.


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