Mediterranean Diet Pantry List

Select a range of hues and purchase during the season to obtain the most nutrients. Additionally, frozen and canned alternatives are viable choices for extending their shelf life and reducing costs; however, ensure that they contain minimal to no added sodium, sugar, or fat.

Fruits & Vegetables

Mix and match for quick and easy sides, grain bowl bases or simple grain stir-fries.

Whole Grains

A fundamental component of the Mediterranean diet is fish. Aim to consume more fish than other sources of animal protein. 


Although poultry is permitted in the Mediterranean diet, it is recommended to consume it less frequently. Regularly consume these protein-rich meats as well. For a well-balanced meal, incorporate a modest portion with whole grains and vegetables.


Dairy products are permitted in moderation on the Mediterranean diet. Fetus, Brie, Cotija, Swiss, Halloumi, Ricotta, Manchego, and Parmesan are examples of unprocessed cheeses.


As an alternative to using a salt shaker, purchase an assortment of these to season food. Dry herbs are just as tasty as fresh ones; simply reduce the quantity to achieve the same flavor intensity, as the former is generally more potent.

Herbs & Spices

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